Kids program

Starting in the middle of May and till the beginning of June we had a series of hands-on gardening sessions with kids from local school. Since this time is perfect for thermophilic crops, we decided to sow some zucchini and beans so when the seedlings are ready kids could take them home and transplant into their own beds.

Both entertaining and creative, this activity creates bonds between us as human beings and the surrounding beauty of nature in a very easy and playful way. We welcomed kids in our community house, had some fun feeding our chickens, walked around and explored the garden, looking for some ripe and juicy berries. The main part took place in the outside kitchen where we prepared all the things needed - acrylic paints, brushes, colorful plastic containers, nice compost previously cleared of gigantic beetle larvaes and mixed with turf, coconut fibers and perlite, and, of course, the seeds that were pre-soaked in water and processed with liquid probiotic to prevent fungi injections.

Painting on the containers is always a fun and enjoyable process that gives kids the opportunity to open up in a creative way and to customize the items the way they feel and want to. When the acrylic paintings were dry, they filled up containers with soil mixture, sowed the seeds and watered them.

The rest was time and patience (and watering schedule of course). 

When seedlings grew up, we could enjoy the crazy variety of shapes that crops had formed and the naive beauty of paintings.

And so could you, if you check the video that we made out of random footage filmed during the planting sessions.


Bonus photos of our seedling delivery to the local school.