Come together!

This Monday, all Szatyor people came together in our house, in Etyek. Many people involved in Szatyor Association, especially those from Budapest who work at the Szatyorbolt shops visited our garden and together we made had some team building fun. 

In the beginning, me and Mathilde made a little house and garden trip for our beloved guests to show them around and give little information about our activities and lifestyle in the house. Then, we began to prepare different foods for lunch. As you guess, most of the meals were the vegan type and we used our organic veggies from the garden. For instance, Valentina and Paula prepared salads, Mathilde and others eggplant and zucchini pies, Gabor made Hungarian food with couscous, and Nacho offered us a Spanish tortilla. So, finally, we made a very attractive lunch table.

Nothing can be good as nice talk and laughing around the lunch table to bring people together and build team spirit. Thus, we spoke about the development of Szatyor, and its goals with some funny background stories.

All in all, it was so fun to come together in our outside kitchen, meet with other colleagues of the association, and make lunch as a team with lots of laughs and talks. I believe that Monday really gave us positive energy and team spirit. 

- Orxan