My journey in Hideghegy was marked by quiet encounters, lots of humble learning opportunities from nature, animal and men.

I arrived during a chilly January and left at the end of May, so I experienced the cold winter months, the balsamic spring and glimpses of the summer. My journey was supported by the local community all along the way.

I have learnt about natural building, about keeping animals, about permacultural  approach in landscape management, also about foraging and reusing and repurposing materials. 

During the slow winter months we were active in collecting and chopping wood, planning the garden and also preparing the guesthouse for the volunteers arriving in April. An ongoing task was to take care of the chicken and the other animals in the community.

Cold days also offered an opportunity for contemplating and long, quiet walks.

As the year went on, everything got more intense, we started working in the garden, pruning the trees, preparing the vegetable garden, mulching and covering them, sawing the first seeds into the soil as well as starting the seedlings. As a former wrestler, I enjoyed to have my muscles in intensive use again!

The community is very active in various community programs and organising festivals and gatherings, so I was fortunate to be part of the brainstorming, planning and organising proccess.

I even had the chance to spend some time with the newcoming volunteers from Italy and Spain!  

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