During August 3 volunteers from Etyek visited us, Paula from Spain, Paula from Germany, and at the end of the month Mathilde from France. They helped us in many programmes and tasks such as renovating our kitchen, building a yurt, and also hosting events.

We held a short event in collaboration with the organisor of “Power outage”, Ana, for Ukrainian kids organized by Viktoria Soós from another local NGO, Imagine green. We, and the guys from Etyek shared some motivational words about volunteering, and solidarity, than we played games related to permaculture, and showed around in our garden. 

Adedayo joined for a few days to the Regio Eart Festival as a volunteer, to support our members, Kriszi and Krisztián to set up the mud 3D printer at the place.

We also hosted a Permaculture Design Course(PDC), which was partly hosted by us: the first week was held in Cold Mountain Community, whom also work with ESC volunteers. Many members of the Hideghegy community joined to the training as volunteers, facilitators, or as participants. We do similar things based on the same values in a different context, and we highly valued that they joined us. PDC was special because one of our remote members, Krisztina joined to the training as a facilitator. She brought the focus of nature connection, and facilitated several sessions during the course. She even arrived earlier, and held a forestbathing afternoon just for us, volunteers, to recharge before the PDC.

We closed August with participating in the Movers gathering’s freshly established international stage, the SEEEN- Pad which was coordinated by me. Before the event Mathilde joined us to do all the decorations with Sonja. We will dedicate a post just to the Movers Gathering!

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