We begun July with a special event: “the walk for healthy born” yearly arranged pilgrim walk group visited us, as the community is connected to the topic of birth. One of our founders, Kati works with the topic of birth as a psychologist, she is one of the few specialists in Europe, who developed a method to help adults heal their birth trauma. Naturally she is deeply connected with many other specialists in Hungary related to this topic, so midwifes, doulas, neonatologyst nourses, psychologists and other experts visited her in her home, in Nyim. Our community hosted home births in the community house previously, so we shared our experience about it, and we showed our land and strawbale house to the visitors. They gave a wondernut tree to us as a present, which we will plant this winter.

We had a volunteer meeting in Etyek at the beginning of the month, when we had the opportunity to meet with the other volunteers who are coordinated by Szatyor. Later on some of them visited us, and we also visited them, mostly in Budapest.

 At the middle of the month our third long-term ESC volunteer, Adedayo arrived in! He is an architect student, studies in Warsaw, originally from Nigeria. He found his place right away in the small volunteer group, and also in the village: he joined to the locals to play football evrey week once, and he became the living conscience of the volunteer group, he was the one who kept the things in order mostly. 

We organised a 3 brickmaking days in this month we became able to do it in our own, so we did it with, and also without the community members. We have some guest again: Igors’s, and Sonja’s friends joined us as extra help and company for few weeks.

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