At the very beginning of June we went for an on arrival training to meet and build connections with other volunteers. When we arrived, Igor from Amsterdam, our third volunteer also landed, so we involved him to the daily activities: planting, weeding, and share the cooking tasks for the day.

We also had some long-term guests: Louis from England as WWOOF volunteer joined us for two weeks, and helped a lot in gardening, picking blackberry, and as he was really into showing English kitchen specialties, we were literally spoiled by him. :) 

Eszter, Ákos, their little daughter, Villő and their dog joined us, too. They lived in their van, parked near the volunteer house. They also joined to all the activities, and Eszter even thought us how to make barefoot leather shoes, and inspired by this experience I thought Louis, Sonja, and Igor how to make a simple book.

June was a crowded month: we hosted several events: a Hungarian small community network meeting at the beginning of June, where Sonja and Igor cooked the meals, we had a mudbrick making event, where we all learned from a friend how to make mudbrick, and how to build a brickwall. Then we collaborated with a local pedagogist, Anna’s children camp project, when Sonja, Igor, and Louis made a limonade to the kids, and Sonja introduced the garden to the kids. They also planted some basil, thyme, and flowers to the previously digged beds (made by Fanni, Sonja, and Louis).

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