At the beginning of May, the biggest event was Sonja’s arrival to the village. She was the first international ESC volunteer in our community. Sonja from Malmö landed smoothly to the village, and immediately started to explore the surroundings. As a local, and a community member, I (Fanni) really enjoyed to introduce the places to her, she was wery open to everything. We walked around a lot in-, and around the village and also in the nearby town, Siófok.

Our main activity in May was gardening. We started to prepare vegetable gardens: first of all the volunteer house’s  vegetable garden. We bought the seedlings from our community members, some of whom become experienced gardeners through the years, but we also bought some from the farmers market in Siófok. We also spent some time in other community member’s garden. Some of them have big experience in organic gardening, so during weeding we had plenty of learning opportunities thanks to them. :) 

We also hosted a networking event: community facilitators met in our venues and spent three days with us. They also helped in the gardening tasks at the volunteer house with the lead of me an Sonja, the group’s help was a big boost for the garden.

At the weekend we always spent one day with the community, mostly we worked at the Eco-field with young trees: we mulched them with leaves and straw. By the end of the year it became visible: the thickest the mulch, the better for the tree. 

Me and Sonja also went to Magfalva to meet the Movers gathering (“Gyüttment Fesztivál”) organiser’s group, as we were about to set up the international venue of the event, and organise the program. Sonja was open to do the decorations, and contribute to think about the venue together.

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