Let the children GROW in nature!

Team volunteering opportunity


Dates: 7-29 April 2024 

(including travel days)

Location: Mány, Hungary

Organiser: Szatyor Association in cooperation with the 

Szent Ferenc Tanyaóvoda és Kertmuhely (St Francis Centre for Learning in Nature and Farm based Kindergarten)


  • improvement of the community spaces of the St Francis Centre for Learning in Nature
  • creation of an outdoor classroom
  • demonstration garden beds
  • sundial, barefoot path, living willow structures
  • landscaping, stone wall and counter for the outdoor oven



Our community Centre for Learning in Nature has been created by local families in a pictoresque environment on the territory of a former horticultural farm. 

Our aim is to promote an ecological, a practical, solution-oriented approach to protect the environment and the created world. 
Anyone who likes to work with their hands in a community, to be in nature, to learn about nature-friendly farming methods and techniques, to get practice in these and to strengthen the view that less is more can join the St Francis Centre's programmes.

The St Francis Centre is envisioned as a place where visiting children's groups/adults can learn by doing - using nature's tools.



We're on the lookout for individuals aged between 18 and 30 who are legal residents of the European Union - a total of 10 people.

To minimize the project’s carbon footprint, we invite participants to choose green travel options such as buses, trains, or shared cars, making the journey to Mány as eco-friendly as possible.

If you're someone with a curiosity and enthusiasm to learn about eco-construction, willing to get your hands dirty and enjoy being surrounded by children, you're exactly who we're looking for.

Beyond skills, we seek individuals open to the communal experience.

If you're ready and eager to be part of a community-driven project, your journey in Mány awaits!



  • In the attic of the  community house, on matrasses - please bring your own sleeping bag!


  • On working days, lunch will bre provided from the Farm-kindergarden, breakfast and dinner will be prepared by the participants, from the ingredients will be provided by the community. 

Water, bathroom, toilet:

  • We have drinkable tapwater. 
  • We have showers and toilets
  • We have a washing machine participants can use


  • April in Hungary can be quite unexpected. Prepare your clothing for a variety of temperatures ranging anywhere between 10°C to 25°C during the day and 5°C to 15°C at night time. 

Travel and reimbursement

  • Will be arranged individually and reimbursed by Szatyor Association after all original tickets are submitted and the proejct report is completed.
  • We strongly recommend to arrive by green travel (bus, train or shared car). Travel costs will be reimbursed, up to 320 Eur (if travelling green)
  • You have to have a European bank account (or Revolut) with an IBAN number so we can transfer the reimbursement and the pocket money.


  • Volunteers are insured through the ESC’s Henner insurance scheme. 
  • Please make sure to have your valid, blue EU Health Insurance card with you. 
  • We recommend you to have a travel insurance.
  • Hungarian volunteers should have their own TB insurance.

Pocket Money

  • You will receive 5€/day pocket money (in cash, in HUF at site).


  • You are entitled to receive a YouthPass certificate.

Currency and banking: 

  • The currency is Forint (HUF). 1 Euro about 380 Forint.
  • There are possibilities to change money in bigger cities, but you can pay with credit/debit cards in most shops. 


  • Hungarian electric system operates on 230 Volts, 50 Hz, with round prong European style pugs. 
  • We have a community space with sockets.


  • comfortable, clothes/shoes that you do not mind if they get dirty (in the garden, while working with mud or doing some other work. Best to bring a sturdy boots that are safe to work on a construction.
  • sleeping bag
  • hat, suncream
  • your own water bottle
  • working gloves
  • rain jacket
  • mosquito and tick repellents
  • towels
  • headlamps
  • EU Blue social security card
  • special medication, if you might need them
  • documents


  • jewelry, electronics
  • pets, animals