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Life-supporting Shelter - 2023

Hideghegy eco-community


Barnag is a pictoresque village 15 km north from Lake Balaton. 

Activity period

May-October 2023 (6 months)

Activity description

Mindenegyüttmegy Assoiciation in Pécsely is a community of people who changed urban life to a rural life that fosters a sustainable world through organic food production, eco-architecture, dialogue between the rural and the urban, a festival and community spaces.

You will be participating in the community's activities as follows:

- outdoor tasks (gardening, taking care of animals, etc)

- planning local community and volunteer initiatives

- participating in the eco-architecture projects, especially creating the "Hideg-hegy" shelter, a community space for learning, healing, culture and workshops - and a yurt!

- cooperating in the daily tasks of the community members - tasks that are part of living in such an environment (e.g.: experiencing everyday tasks living in a yurt or building one)

- cooking on events, and joint cooking every day

- harvesting and conserving products of the garden
- creating posters, photos and different visuals, creating input and maintaining social media platforms

Accomodation, food and transport arrangements, other practical info

You will be volunteering 30 hours per week, sometimes weekends are included.  Hungarian language support is provided.

Accommodation: Volunteers will be staying in a rented, furnished and renovated vineyard house, in an amazing landscape. It has a big garden, where volunteers can have their own orchard, if they wish so. The house is equipped with everything a volunteer might need with it's eco-friendly and minimalistic solutions. (e.g.: electricity is provided by solar panels) Internet connection will be provided. The garden shower which uses collected rainwater is also used by the community can be used to shower and to wash clothes. The community location is 3 km far from the first village and living conditions are very simple. Be aware of this condition when applying! It could be different from what you are used to, but a fun way to experience living close to nature.

Transportation: Majority of the volunteering activities will be in the vicinity of the accommodation, in walking distance - but also at other locations of the association. On the hill one can walk or take a bike, but community members offer a ride, if needed. Public transport is accessible from the nearby Barnag village, where Veszprém, the nearest town, can be reached in 30 minutes.

Allowances: 150 EUR pocket money and 50 EUR food allowance per months. Two meal/day is together with the community members (usually lunch and dinners), the rest is taken care of individually, to which ingredients can be used from the pantry of our community kitchen.

Participant profile

We are welcoming volunteers aged 18-30 who would like to be part of a growing community of young, committed green professionals in an amazing natural environment, who enjoy working in a garden, with trees and with animals, who want to learn how to organise a big eco-festival and who don't mind if the circumstances are sometimes a bit rough.

Hungarians can also apply!

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