Sustainable Cleaning

The term of "sustainable cleaning" can have a lot of definitions, but the main goal of the process is to use cleaning solutions and methods that keep us and our environment healthy and free of toxins. Exposure to chemicals and toxins can potentially cause irreparable damage to our bodies, water, air, and ecosystem. Green cleaning can fall mean using a green cleaning product or cleaning your home to reduce waste that goes into landfills, for example. Sustainable cleaning products typically have the following characteristics:

  • No phosphates
  • No chlorine
  • No artificial fragrances
  • No artificial colors
  • Biodegradable or recyclable packaging
  • Organically grown ingredients using sustainable farming practices

Why should we choose sustainable cleaning products? 

Unlike conventional cleaning products, sustainable cleaning products are created using safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable ingredients. Eco-friendly cleaning products not only reduce air and water pollution but also help fight ozone depletion and climate change and ozone depletion. Most ideal eco-friendly cleaning products are made using sustainable manufacturing practices and naturally derived, safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable ingredients that don't negatively impact the environment. On the other hand, some conventional cleaning products contain ingredients that are toxic, hazardous, non-biodegradable, and made from non-renewable resources like petroleum, so they adversely affect the earth's ecosystems

Warning or Flammable or Toxic. With labels like these on some conventional cleaning products, you get a pretty good idea that they aren’t very safe. When mixed, many chemicals can be downright dangerous. Small children and pets are especially vulnerable due to higher exposure levels because of their size. Plus, household cleaning supplies are among the top ten substances responsible for poisoning exposure. So, minimize your risk with green cleaning products that aren't toxic or as dangerous. Unlike conventional cleaning products, you’ll know that what you’re using won’t harm you, your family, or your pets. Symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, skin rashes, headaches, and more may disappear once you stop using toxic cleaning chemicals. Considering many of the hazardous chemicals in conventional products are often carcinogens, neurotoxins, mutagens, teratogens, or endocrine disrupters, it is worth ditching them in favor of natural eco-friendly products.


Many companies, often give a percentage of their profits to sustainable organizations that promote environmental change. By buying products from eco-friendly companies, you are doing your part to protect the planet. Manufacturers of cleaning products aren’t required by most governments to divulge ingredients. However, many green cleaning manufacturers make it their policy to be fully transparent, whereas some conventional manufacturers don't and may only list a portion of their ingredients.

Well, apart from all these, do you think we can make our own cleaning product?

When I lived in a village in Azerbaijan, we used to clean with the old methods because there were not many cleaning products. For example, we always washed the dishes with sand. We used to add lemon with rose water and clean the house. We used to make rose water ourselves and also use it as a body and face care product. Since there is no washing machine in general, we used to wash clothes by hand and with Russian soaps that do not contain any additives. I can't say how accurate and hygienic these methods are, but considering that the life expectancy of people from that time was between 70-80, I think maybe they were better methods. But I regret to say that these traditions are now gone and even in the villages people are now using artificial products. Although these traditions are missing, there are people who clean their houses very simply with baking soda and vinegar lately. 

If you want to prepare your own cleaning product at home, you can also take a look at this site.

We believe going green is a lifestyle choice. As a consumer, it’s changing your mentality and knowing that each decision impacts the planet. Whatever choices you make about your cleaning supplies and practices, there is a huge variety of environmentally friendly choices for green cleaning. With a little research, you may be able to green up your household cleaning routine to create a healthier, safer environment.

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