European Solidarity: Help Turkey

We are European Solidarity Corps volunteers, but have we ever thought about what Solidarity means here?

The earthquake that took place in Turkey and Syria in the last few days reminded me of what this phrase really means. To tell the truth, when the incident happened, the fact that many countries, especially my own country, sent aid did not make me think that it would alleviate your pain, and at first, it seemed a little meaningless. Thousands of kilometers away from Turkey, there were aid teams from America, China, and even Hungary. After a while, I thought of myself as an example, and although these aids may not have helped physically, it would be good to receive moral support and share the pain with others. Because in real life, when we lose someone or have a good moment, don't we want to share it with someone?

One of the things we look for is for someone to come close to us, give condolences or a hug and share happiness. When I thought about these, I realized how important this solidarity is. So how could we support this solidarity by living in Hungary?

After the Turkish consulate in Hungary announced that it was starting the charity campaign, me and my roommate were sent to both donate and help. Maybe it was a small sign for some, but a big sign of solidarity for me and my Nigerian friend. Tomorrow, my country may also suffer the wrath of nature and we may need help. If we show solidarity and help each other today, we will see the result tomorrow :)

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