Conscious Consumer's Day

The Association of Conscious Consumers has organized their yearly “Family Day” on the 18th of February in the downtown building of the Central European University, and we were invited to help during the event. 

As we learned, the main aim of the Association is to promote ethical, environmental and socially conscious consumption and lifestyle choices. They also strive to create supportive communities for people trying to live  an environmentally conscious life and testing various products with a focus on their environmental impact. 


The family day was a colorful event, where there were popular lectures (unfortunately only in Hungarian), a corner for children, where they could create “seed bombs”, make flowers out of salt dough and try out various juggling-tools. 

The food was provided by the visitors, therefore it was a wide variety of food, and it kept coming, as the visitors kept arriving! Our main task was to keep the serving tables in order, to ensure that they are always clean and hygienic. 

One of the main “attractions” of the day was the room where families could meet the farmers, who are part of the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture” system. As we learned, families and farmers make a contract for one year, where the farmer undertakes to provide healthy, organic, fresh, seasonal vegetables and other food products every week for the families, for a fixed amount/month. 

This family day provided an opportunity to meet all the producers face-to-face, taste some of their products and sign up to their community.  This is one of the best and shortest food supply chains, from the farmers directly to the families. This is good not only for the families, who can feed their children with quality food, but also this helps small local communities, empower small farms, and contribute to rural communities’ development.

During the event we also learnt about the 12 points of the Conscious Customers, that help to make environment-friendly consumer choices - we will also keep them in our mind!

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