Commemorating 1 year of war

24th February 2023 marked a year of sadness and at the same time a year to celebrate life from Ukraine because we are still living since the invasion of Russian war on Ukraine. Dévai Fogadó had an event @ Dévai utca 11 on this day to celebrate with refugees from Ukraine, it was such a great time. Participants (volunteers) from other organizations were present like Menedek Egyesulet, Emma Egyesulet, Patent Egyesulet, Dévai Fogadó, Szatyor etc.

The Dévai Fogadó was created in reaction to the crisis and has been an integral part of Retextil’s life for some time, so it happened, for the organization’s commemoration on February 24th, we made a tree of life as a gift, which found a permanent home.

The event carried on with different sections of discussions about what more can be done for refugees, community, while community is important, safety, while safety is important and what it means to each person, some pictures were drawn to explain what safety is like. While the discussions where going on there were food and drinks. It was indeed a time to connect with each other and to live again despite all odds.

Also there was a theater workshop which enable people to play, dance, behind the tears, laugh and talk together. 


Photos by: Péter Román

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