Spring means gardenwork: Kisdiófa Community Garden

Can you imagine a place intertwined with nature in the very center of the city, in big cities where people rush all day in a hurry?

It is possible to find such a place in Budapest. On 10.04.2022 we visited a community garden in the headquarters of the city, called the Kisdiófa garden. There were beautiful flowers in the place and it was impossible not to admire.

We met local people there and they were busy with farming - this garden is a part of their life. It is admirable that people in big cities like this love their gardening work.

We had the opportunity to discover different kinds of seeds with Zoli who guided us in the place. We distinguished which seeds were suitable for the season then started the planting process and planted a few flower seeds. I noticed that the plants that people here call wild are edible in my own country. Maybe I can inform people here about how they can use the same plants

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