Catering is caring

Cooking with fresh, seasonal, organic food in LARGE quantities?

The Association of Conscious Costumers (Tudatos Vásárlók Egyesülete) had their family day in mid-February and Szatyor was providing the catering. 

We prepared sweet pastries, such as vegan apple pie, carrot cake, choclate cake with pear and brownies, salty treats, sandwiches, where the ingredients came from the producers of thes Szatyor community (goat cheese, dried tomaties, raddish-leaf pesto, mushroom cream, hummusz, broccoli sprout, quail eggs) and prepared quiches - both vegan and vegetarian versions - some even gluten free! 

It was a culinary exposure in the world of unknown ingredients, coulours, tastes, mixtures and creativity!


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