On Arrival Training

So last week Alesia, Orxan, István and me went to our on-arrival training in Budapest (as well as Aysel and Nacho from the Budapest project). It was a really great and unique experience; we met a lot of volunteers from around the world and learned new things about the ESC-program.
On Monday we had time to get to know the people from our training. We played some name games and presented our projects to the others. The following days were full of information and workshops. We learned about the ESC values, met the National Agency, planned our mini projects and did a city rally in pouring rain. Also, a great Hungarian musician and folk dancing group visited us on Thursday. We danced a lot and got to know a little bit more about the Hungarian culture. On Friday nothing much happened, we gave feedback and reflected about what we are taking with us from the training.

I believe that everyone of us made a different experience during this week, so I will only speak for myself here.
For me, it was the most amazing week until now, because I was able to learn so much more about cultures and traditions from other countries. I had the opportunity to open up and bond with new people in a way that I never did before. Everyone was so openminded and even though there were some annoying or unpleasant moments too, the impact of this training was so positive on me that I genuinely hope that I can integrate some of it into our project too.