School trip

Since the school year is about to end, we were allowed to go on a school trip with the 7th grade of the local school.
In the morning, we met in their classroom and split into two groups. We would play some games against each other and the winner was granted a price. Vale and me had to join in too, which was quite funny.
First we went to the house of one of the children, because the mother was cooking for us and we would help her. On our way, we passed the basketball yard and had our first match there. We had to throw 20 hoops and who scored the most, gained a point. When we arrived the house, we helped to peel the vegetables, also in a competition. The vegetables had to be clean and good looking and it was interesting to see that obviously some of the children, especially some boys, are helping at home a lot, because they were very good at their job. After some free time and rest, we walked together to the lake in Etyek where we played another game. Everyone had a number on their forehead and you had to cover it with anything, accept your hand. While hiding after i.e., a tree, you had to find out the numbers of the other team members of the other team and if you did, you had to shout all four numbers. It was quite difficult and because of some unfairness, nobody won the game.
After staying at the lake for another hour or so, we went back to the house and had a real Hungarian lunch with palacsinta at the end.
All in all, it was a funny and interesting day and I think everyone enjoyed it. At least we did 😊