Natural Cosmetics Workshop

Hey there! September marks the month of the first natural cosmetics workshop and I had the pleasure to share some of the knowledge regarding this topic with the community and the volunteers. It has been a long time since I had the chance to teach how to make our own products and after a few reflection we have decided together that the chosen cosmetics were: cream deodorant, body lotion and fragrances. 

I tried to do an interactive workshop where the participants had the chance to participate in the process, at the same time that I explained the recipe, the ingredients and the whole process. I feel like it is important to involve the people so they get a closer touch of creating natural cosmetics that are good for your skin, your body, your mind and most importantly, the planet. Most of these could be made with things that you already having laying around in your kitchen and it is much more useful and efficient to have the ability and power to create your hygiene products from scratch than to go to the supermarket and spend money on single use plastic containers full of chemicals and nocive toxins for your body.

The process went smoothly and because we had a nice collection of essential oils and hydrolats in the house, i thought everyone how to make simple fragrances just by mixing the right percentage of hydrolat and essential oils for a long lasting nature smell.

I am super excited that the natural cosmetics workshop was well received and I am beyond grateful to share more of my knowledge in the future events that we are going to host for the community!

Love, Fi

On August 9th one of us volunteers from Szatyor, Fi, held a workshop on the preparation of natural cosmetics. Fi explained very clearly how to make your own deodorants, perfumes and body creams. We used different types of oils and butters and each of us was able to create the fragrance they preferred, choosing their own mix of essential oils: the result was sometimes unexpected! It was a useful and fun morning, which showed how each of us can create their own cosmetics while respecting the environment. Hope to attend another workshop like this in the future!

- Miriam