Natural dyes workshop

Hey, there!
Another month, another set of workshops and this time we had the chance to have a natural dyes workshop that was by far my favorite (maybe because I didn't have the stress and responsibility to create it eheh). I spent a lot of years following and being mesmerized by content creators that were using plants and the most interesting flora to dye their clothes but I never had the motivation to try it out for myself - it's one of those things that I have the theory but not the practice, so when I discovered that Kriszti, directly from Etyek, would share her skills with us, I was super happy :)
We collected onion peels during two weeks, since it was going to be the basis to dye our things, and it's a beautiful way to not create food waste. It is better to try this method with natural fabrics such as cotton (or even cotton blend), linen and hemp, but I tried with polyester and the result was interesting, so my advice is to always try, you never know what is going to be result and you have nothing to lose!
We started to immerse our szatyors (cotton reusable bags) in this mix of water, rust and a bit of vinegar, which apparently helps to maintain the color and also with the eco printing of natural elements, and proceeded to create our ensemble of flora that we wanted to have on our szatyor! It was a beautiful process and I was so fascinated to know that there were a lot of plants in our garden and in the neighborhood that were perfect for eco printing! When finished, you have to roll really tight your bag around this wooden stick so it would fit in the pot that was already boiling with the onion peels. You have to leave it for 30 to 45min boiling to get the results!
The last process is to let it dry, wash it with natural soap and only then you can wash it normally in the washing machine.
I really enjoyed the workshop and we got so excited that we spent the following 2 hours dyeing everything possible and imaginable with things from our garden!

Hope you try this at home!
See you in the next article,
Take care & with love,