Intercultural nights: FRANCE & MOROCCO

On this week's international night, we had a taste of French and Moroccan cuisine and culture.

On the Moroccan side, Driss and Haitam prepared a few popular Moroccan dishes, like "Harira", a traditional tomato-based soup with fresh herbs, lentils, and chickpeas, served with dates and lemons. A "Tajine", slow-cooked savory stew with veggies in a clay pot. For the dessert, we prepared "Ghoriba", simple but delicious shortbread cookies flavored with sesame seeds, plus "Briwat", a sweet almond-stuffed pastry. Everything was served with Moroccan mint tea.


On the other hand, we had a chance to lay our hands on some delicious French gourmet with Mathilde. Starting with "Gougères au Fromage", a warm and appetizing puff pastry with cheese.

"Tarte Normande", or Normandy tart, a sweet and savory apple pie topped with camembert cheese. The classic and flavourful “Tarte au citron meringuée”, or Lemon meringue tart. And last but not least, the famous "Mousse au Chocolat".


For this night, we tried to follow the same structure as the last events. We initiated with some basic introductions and facts about each country, followed by a simple quiz to test the audience's knowledge in a fun way.

In addition, to make it more interesting for the guests, Mathilde introduced a mini-game about the origins of some well-known French foods and monuments.


Finally, we concluded the night with a short but engaging open Q&A session for each country and an offer/farewell gift from Haitam to write guests' names in Arabic calligraphy which they enjoyed.