Km 0 Market

Being a community means also to grow up together, facing the difficulties of each one together. That’s why we decided to plan a monthly theme from which we have to derive a personal goal to achieve. 

This month the topic we decided is food. Some of the goals people are trying to achieve are for example eating only unprocessed food, using less oil, drinking more instead of eating and the one that Luis chose involved everyone last Saturday: buy only local food. 

It doesn't seem a difficult challenge but nowadays, because of supermarkets, all the small shops are closing because of the economic competition between locals and globalization  that kills small industries by selling food with a lower price regardless of whether it’s food imported from other countries. 

To help Luis in this challenge, morning people went to Biatorbagy, a town close to us, in which a weekly market takes place, giving local people the opportunity to sell their products. 

Farmers, bakers, olive sellers… All of them were so happy to share with us their histories and to see that also new generation feel the need to ‘regress’ to old times going out of comfort zone. 

We will follow to use that Market every week also to improve closer relationships with sellers and maybe in spring we will go to help them as a real community!


- Cecilia

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