Clean Up Walk

Hello again everyone.

Today, I want to tell you a bit about how one of our creative days with Mihaela went. For last week’s creative day, Mihaela came up with the idea to go on a long walk to the lake here and pick up the trash we see along our way. That way, we would be both able to enjoy a walk altogether and clean the environment we live in.

We were lucky that the weather was perfect for a walk and was so sunny even though it was slightly cold. We were both enjoying the walk and looking for trash. The more we got close to the lake, the more trash we saw. We picked a lot of cans, glass and plastic bottles, and other kinds of plastics, though most of the trash we picked were cans and plastic bottles.

By the time we reached the lake, all of our trash bags were filled with trash already. After reaching the lake, we decided to enjoy the quietness and the calming ambiance by chilling there for a bit. Despite being frozen, the view of the lake was amazing. In fact, the lake being frozen and the sounds ice made were mesmerizing. After chilling, we took a long walk back home.

Then we separated the trash, collected the ones that could be used in our future projects, and threw the rest in the trash. Overall, our experience was great. The walk was enjoyable and the roads were visibly cleaner than before which was rewarding to see. I hope in future, people will be more careful and responsible with their trash.


- Baran

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