Zones in Permaculture

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After having plenty of permaculture basics workshops, so all the volunteers know what exactly is this amazing concept and how it can be applied in our small garden, it was time to dwell into the practice. For that, we learned about the zones in permaculture and how it could be applied in the project and to our house. For those who don’t know it, it is a key design tool, as well as a big decision mechanism. It could be divided from 0 to 5 - there are a lot of people who believe that zone 0 is within ourselves, since permaculture is also considered a lifestyle, so we need to work on ourselves in order to create peace in our house and garden. The first and second are the busiest and closest areas to us, so we should dedicate more time and energy in these. 

That being said, we were divided in five zones in our garden, corresponding to zone 1 and 2, so each area had two people responsible  - the main task was to plan what we wanted to plant, considering all that we have learned through the observation exercises and plant companionship from the past workshops, as well as including mechanisms and ideas, through brainstorming, on how we could improve the area. Every team developed amazing plans and sketches and most of our days now are completely dedicated to enhancing these areas so we could make our plans come through. 


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