Garden Work

These past few weeks we are continuing to work to prepare the garden for the spring, when we will start to host a lot of guests.

The jobs we have to finish are a lot and we started by arranging the tables in the outdoor kitchen, removing the old and ruined paint with sandpaper. Next step is to paint the tables, hang the shelves and remove all the useless furnitures to have enough space for everyone to sit! 

We have also started to renovate some other things around the garden like the barefoot path around our fire pit or the raised beds that we sanded so they can be repainted.

Another thing we started doing, according to the permaculture plans, is planting; We plant varieties of tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, paprika, etc. in the greenhouse. We decided to make seedlings, planting them first in small boxes inside because germination is the most frail step for plants and we don’t want to waste seeds because of cold or because of our chickens (that love all kinds of seeds). 

In the coming weeks we will continue to update our progresses and hopefully soon, an invitation to lunch in our garden!

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