Community Life: Planting Flowers

On saturday morning we joined the Etyek community to plant flowers in the flowerbeds of Botpuszta.

Motivation was super high from everyone so that, at one point, there were more people than work to do 😀 but everyone has done his part; there were those who took care of bringing water for watering, those who brought varieties of roses and small bushes, those who brought tools to work the land, those who brought delicious snacks to offer to the workers... no one stayed with folded hands. 

It has been wonderful to share this moment together and to see that even those who don't live in our town came to give a hand. In addition to work, we shared moments of socializing by forging relationships with these beautiful and cheerful people who, in their free time, care about the place they live in and take care of it with love and dedication.

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