Szatyor's 11th Birthday

On the 20th of June Szatyor completed eleven years of activity, made out of effort and support from the community that over time has gathered more and more people with different qualities, happy to collaborate together. 


We celebrated it by opening our space, where the association is growing and developing and where we gave all the people the possibility to discover what we do. 

To present ourselves we decided to make, with Mihaela, our art tutor, an exhibition with a precise topic:  what Etyek gives to us. It has been interesting to see all the Volunteers so engaged in this goal, especially the ones who normally are not attracted by this kind of expression. 


To discover the garden, in a more thorough way, we organized a tour mixing the history of the things we built, respecting the permaculture principles. It has been really interesting because everyone in Szatyor has different kinds of knowledge about the natural world and every time something new to learn appears.

We also gave space for people to share or sell what they normally make: Tünde, for example, organized a workshop about fermentation during which she explained the processes of fermentation making us taste what she already prepared; another woman, Zsuzsa, created an exhibition space for her plants and everyone had the opportunity to buy them. 


As the members of Szatyor came from different parts of the world, we organized some presentations concerning the typical foods of our country. All the Volunteers cook something like: pizza and polenta as symbols of Italy; Pastel de nata as symbol of Portugal; Cannelés sweets from France; red lentils as a Turkish typical meal and rolls with spices and a semolina cake typical from Morocco. All the guests really enjoyed the food that disappeared after a while…


To entertain the guests we organized games for adults and children: for children we prepared games that invite collaboration and dialogue such as a game that two Volunteers, Haitam and Luis, built. The purpose was that two children have to move a ball thanks to ropes trying to not let it fall to get to the end of the path. For the older ones we prepared a small quiz with questions about permaculture, nutrition and the city of Etyek; if the answers were correct, the winner could take home a prize choosing among tomato plants, coconut sugar, and other eco products. 


At the end of the day everything was completed with an artistic performance created by Eveline Tóth, an artist from Etyek who now lives in Germany. The performance was very intimate and meditative, the artist shared her intimacy that we usually only externalize when we are alone with ourselves. In addition to this, the whole show was live:  the projected background was being constructed second by second with her partner, meanwhile she recorded and then looped sounds that she was making using Baby toys, rattles, water…, creating an impressive melody. 


Even tough the preparation required a lot of energies we created an amazing atmosphere in the garden and shared smiles with the numerous guest we welcomed. 


Boldog szülinapot szatyor!

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