Volunteer Gathering

After the 11th birthday of Szatyor on Sunday we had guests who are currently volunteering in  Nyim and Hideg-hegy, our partner organizations. The goal of the meeting was to get to know each other, share experiences and compare life in our eco conscious communities.

In the morning, after a rich and tasteful breakfast, we started discussing in a circle about our associations, describing the place where we live and explaining what we do and what we are learning in the projects. We also talked about future activities and how we will cooperate between us.

In the afternoon with the activities organized by Mathilde, we had to come up with at least 4 topics and whoever had the idea had to lead the conversation. 

One of the topics was ‘adapting to the new community you are/will be living in’. Here we talked about how we broke the ice and how we approached our new routine. 

Another one was: ‘how can we spread/share the knowledge we get from our projects with the world?” In this topic we tried to find different methods on how to make visible what we are doing in an easygoing way and also to try to be accessible to as many people as possible. 

Another discussion was focused on plants in general and what we need to observe to identify them also with the possibility of recognizing which ones are edible. 

The last was on the wildlife inside the garden, we named what we observed and how to increase the biodiversity. When we were done with the activities we had a walk and showed Etyek to the other volunteers.

After this long and joyful day, despite the tiredness we baked and ate pizza all together and laughed just like we had known each other for a long time. It was an incredible experience because we had the opportunity to get to know other people and other projects in Hungary and also the opportunity to learn something new.

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