Summer Camp

This summer has been very busy and we haven’t been around a lot. 

Now that we are back we thought we would tell you all about what has been going on this summer for us at Szatyor so the following articles will be looking back to the past two months. 


This first article is about the Kids Camp that we host every year. This year we had a new organizational team with Donat and Kinga who prepared programs for the kids to enjoy throughout the week. The main themes of the Szatyor Camp are usually to connect with nature, have the kids interact with the international community that is made out of the volunteers and to do some creative activities together. 

They enjoyed many different activities that included games related to the garden prepared by the volunteers, they made some instruments and prepared some songs together, built a big net with string art in order to create a beautiful colorful shade above the garden and many other things. 

During the camp both the kids and the team could enjoy healthy meals home cooked by Zsuzsa with the help of the volunteers. 

On the last day we opened our doors to the parents and shared with them all the memories that were made during this years camp! 🙂

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