FoodPrint 2.0

In the beginning of July we hosted an 11-day youth exchange on sustainable food, called FoodPrint. The program consisted of getting to know some national food habits and our village, learning about permaculture, composting, water and energy usage, seasonal foods and dairy products. The facilitators made sure to bring a colorful, interesting and also playful program. The participants also visited a local farm and a winery. At the farm, the owners showed us around and talked about the animals and permaculture and also served the group a delicious Hungarian dish, the potato paprikash and dessert. After lunch we were shown how to make goat cheese from fresh goat milk – that was given us by their lovely goats that morning.
At the winery, we tasted a wine called „Királyleányka” which means little princess and is made of a Hungarian type of grape that is typical in this area.
As hosts, our main task was to cook for our guests. We served them breakfast, lunch and dinner and also baked desserts for snack breaks. All the dishes were vegetarian which was a good introduction for me too on how to make versatile dishes without meat. We made sure to work in teams so that everyone had some rest during the day. In the break time we also had the chance to join in their programs and get to know our beautiful Italian, Greek and Romanian guests.
On the last days they had cooking contests, which meant that they had to cook out of seasonal ingredients. It was nice to put down our aprons and enjoy their cooking. They also made sure that there were national elements in the courses.
On the last day we formed teams according to nationalities and prepared some national (and vegetarian) finger foods for a food fair. For this event we also invited villagers and they also had a chance to learn some Hungarian folk dances.
I am grateful for this experience, it was nice to cook, connect and learn about our different cultures. 😊 

- Kata

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