Plant Based Cooking

"Food is our common ground, a universal experience." - James Beard

Therefore, experience and trying new things is essential. Out of curiosity and "explorership", we created a workshop with the topic of Plant based cooking. Plant based cooking is a type of diet where the biggest portion of the food you eat consists of plants like: Potato, Tomato, Corn, Basil, ... All different types of plants are used here. Something like Pumpkin as main dish, or Rosemary for spicing things up.

In comparison, plant based cooking is not so strict like vegan. You can still eat dairy and meat products. Only the portion size will change. Moreover, Vegan is a movement while plant based cooking is a type of lifestyle.

To get a good overview, we started with collecting all edible plants. The visualization of the many edible plants we know was overwhelming and will give some inspiration for the question: What I will cook today?.

Then we shifted to the experimentation phase. With united will and power, we created the "Pumpkin Soup of Doom". One to rule them all! :). This was the base of our meal. To spice things up we tried it with different things: coconut milk, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Garlic oil and other ingredients. My favorite was Garlic oil and Cardamom for spicy and coconut milk + Cinnamon and orange juice for sweet taste.

This clearly demonstrated the variety one single meal can have.

For dessert, we baked a Apple cake white some pumpkin cubes in it. We also experimented around with the cake and came to the conclusion that the workshop was a clear success.

We learned how to bring variety into the kitchen by choosing different veggies or by spicing one dish in a completely different way. This all contributes to a plant based diet, where you can choose between a lot of different vegetables. It is truly like James Beard said: a universal experience.

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