"Buy less. Choose well. Make it last."

“Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.” - Vivienne Westwood

A quote, reflecting the topic of our first workshop this year.

The topic of this month is Fabric, Cloth and sustainable Clothing. The meaning of sustainability is very important in that regard. Sustainability means that something will serve you more than it costs. Looking at costs, it is the price tag, as well as the environmental cost it took to create the clothing piece - and also its afterlife.

To wear your cloth for a long time, you will eventually need to fix it. This where we started with the Basics of Sowing. Sowing a button and cross stitching it on a piece of fabric. It takes practice and concentration to not injure yourself! XD

We will continue with some other sewing techniques so that we are prepared for every rip that could destroy our favourite clothing peace.

We also made a little inventory among the bedwares we are using in the Szatyor house, we counted what we have and selected the ones that are worn out. We will find ways to reuse them in the upcoming month!

In the end, we watched a documentary to get a broader view on the topic of sustainable clothing. This will be our topic of the month, and I hope that in the end I know how to fix my clothes after a busy night in the club.


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