Szatyor Pékség

Through a sourdough workshop in December, Szatyor volunteers discovered the diversity of baking.

At the beginning, we started very fundamentally with sourdough pancakes. Mix sourdough with milk and then make pancakes with it. It was very simple. Then we dared to try some bread. It's fascinating how a sourdough turns a simple product like flour into something new. Constantly, one looks curiously whether the dough has already risen. When baking bread with sourdough, there are many different influences that can change the result. The dough is very heat sensitive and reacts differently every time. Nevertheless, the results speak for themselves. The dough is fluffy and has a unique taste that you can not buy.

Appropriately before the beginning of Lent in countries with Christian traditions, we made doughnuts on 13. 02. 2024. These were then fried in oil similar to Lángos. Soft dough with crispy crust, icing sugar and strawberry jam. It's excellent.

In conclusion, you can say that baking is not rocket science, and it is worth trying a baking recipe. Whether with sourdough or yeast is irrelevant as long as you are a little more conscious with your own consumption of food.

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