Topic of the month: TRAVEL!

The topic we focus on this month, where we brainstorm and exchange ideas, is:

Sustainable travel, which is gaining more and more importance today and is a ttol to fight global warming as well as protecting our nature, is actually based on the philosophy of minimizing our carbon footprint.

Sustainable travel, also known as eco-tourism or responsible travel, involves making choices that minimize the impact on the places you visit. While individual choices may seem small, their collective effect can create a positive impact. Think of sustainable travel as being a considerate guest at a friend's house – being kind, mindful of resources, and leaving no trace. Applying this mindset to every destination you visit is crucial.

Travel is a privilege, akin to being a guest in someone's home when exploring a new town, city, or country. Sustainable travelers embrace this perspective, aiming to explore while preserving the natural wonders and cultural heritage of a place. This ensures that future visitors can enjoy the same awe-inspiring experiences.

Essentially, our philosophy of crowning our carbon footprint with 0 tons of CO² and considering the option that leaves the least carbon footprint, whether on our way to work or when we need to attend a meeting, will be a huge step towards leaving a sustainable, more livable World to future generations.


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