Volunteer Gathering

There are experiences that only happen once in a while, but they are so enriching that you almost wish they could happen every day. It was the case for the event that was held in Etyek in the first days of July. Volunteers from different projects (Hidegeghy Eco community, Nyim Eco community, Fülemüle, Szatyor Budapest and Szatyor Etyek) met in the same place to share their experiences and their different visions, and carry out activities with the aim of getting to know each other and reflecting together on the absolute need to protect the world around us, the nature that every day offers us nourishment and yet all too often we take for granted. My name is Miriam, I am part of the Szatyor Etyek project and when the event took place I had only just arrived in Etyek the day before. It was therefore a nice way to start this experience and to be able to immediately appreciate the climate of positivity and growth that reigns among the people who were present. In the different activities we carried out, a common point emerged between all the volunteers: despite our cultural and character differences, we all care about respect for the environment and for others. Which in the end are the same thing, because it is impossible to truly respect each other without first respecting what is around us.