Intercultural nights: ITALY

We opened the intercultural evening starting from Italy!

Valentina, Miriam and Enrico prepared different types of Italian food. Starting from Sicily with a typical dish of the region, the eggplant caponata.

 Then we went up to Puglia with the focaccia from Bari rich in cherry tomatoes and rosemary. Then obviously, the bruschetta with olive oil and tomatoes could not be missing. As a dessert they prepared baci di dama, a typical Piedmontese dessert filled with chocolate cream.
After these delicious snacks, they entertained the guests with the games of signs, mimicking different gestures that Italians make during a discussion or a classic phone call. We also read some curiosities about Italy by fishing cards from a jar.

It was an excellent opportunity for them to share their culture and traditions and to get to know each other better. And of course, to laugh all together listening to some good Italian music.