Making tiles

Last week we started making some tiles that will be used in the bathroom area of our yoga room. So that our guests when we host events can enjoy some beautiful handmade tiles. 

David who is a ceramic artist came to teach us the process so we could do more by ourselves later. 

We started by flattening the clay with the old manual press that we have in our outside kitchen area. 

When the clay is laid flat you have to make sure you don't have any bubbles in it that would burst when cooking the tiles and then you can start making patterns on it. 

We didn't really have a concept so we let our creativity flow and made hand drawings, printed with leaves we found in the garden and other objects. 

Once the patterns done, we cut the clay strips into square tiles with a mold and delicately put them to dry on a plank. And then we repeated the process. 

Once the tiles are dry, you soften the rough edges with a knife and they are ready to be baked in the kiln. The next step will be glazing, to bring in some color!

It was really interesting and nice to learn this technique. It is so cool and relaxing to let your creativity flow within the frame of having a purpose. I think it will be super satisfying to see the final result and I am looking forward to making more!