Plastic awareness

Last Wednesday, Szatyor organized an event on awareness of plastic pollution. Me, Fi, and Paula went to a pharmaceutical company where three thousand people work.

Our goal was to catch workers’ attention and to inform them about the terrific consequences of plastic usage. In order to catch their attention, we played some little games asking questions about plastic pollution. I think we could really inform lots of people about the negative impacts of plastic usage, and also invite them to use more eco-friendly bags instead of one-time plastic bags. We shared free reusable fabric bread bags and little wrappers for sandwiches which were so colorful and cute. Lots of employees liked our ornamented wrappers and bags, so they took a lot of them. In this way, they may decrease the usage of plastics and be more sensitive about being more eco-friendly. I believe our stand worked quite well and we really could inform enough people about the unbelievable damages of plastic.