Intercultural nights: GERMANY & AZERBAIJAN

As you could see on our social media pages, we had our international cultural night last Friday. It was a very interesting combination of countries, since we were presenting Azerbaijan and Germany together.
The start of the evening was, as often, the food. You can see our selection of delicacies in the pictures. Especially, the Azerbaijan kitchen has an emphasize on meat which made it hard to find something to present to our guests, but even that worked out in the end and was really tasty!
Following up to this, we played a game called „der große Preis” in Germany, where you have different categories with different difficulty levels. Two teams are playing against each other and try to gain more points by answering questions.
After this, we tasted the promised Azerbaijan wine and Aysel and Orxan showed us how they dance at celebrations in their home country.
Personally, I really enjoyed the game, since everyone learned something new and it was interesting and educating at the same time. I am looking forward to get to know the other countries too.