January - February

The community’s tradition is to celebrate the new year together with members and friends, playing the Transformation Game, which is a spiritual and psychological game to know ourselves and each other better. The game was developed in Findhorn, a Scottish ecovillage decades ago, and the community’s founder, Kati was the lector of the game. She and Daniel know how to facilitate it. The process started on the 31st of December, and ended on the morning of the 2nd of January, with the 8 of us. I think this was a perfect ending to the last year and a perfect preparation for the next.

As always, after a bigger break of community process continuity, it was hard to set up the daily flow after Christmas time, but we went on with tree protection, and I also did artworks in the community area, and in a garden.

During February we organized another event with the 10 Million Trees Foundation and planted with mostly Hungarian volunteers.

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