March - April

We started the spring with treeplantings, and the community’s spring seasonal meeting, where we gathered, and planned 2023 year activities and goals, also had a nice meal together of course. With the community members we organized some tree plantings and tree protection just for the community members, and coles friends, one of them happened during the seasonal meeting, where we planted some bigger trees on the future center of the ecovillage area, with some nature connection experiment lead by Krisztina Pásztor.

At the and of March I had the opportunity to do some networking connected with the community’s regional networking project, so I visited to Slovenia for few days, and volunteered a bit in a slovenian cohousing/ecovillage project, Sunny Hills of Istria (Sosnij Gric).

At the begining of April our first 2023 ESC volunteer, Antoine arrived, so we spent the month with help him to land in Nyim, and start some garden preparation works.

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