At the beginning of April Antoine arrived in the community. After landing in Nyim he participated in preparing gardens for planting, took care of the house and the surroundings where he lived (the community house), and also designed and made a herbal spiral there. He contacted for advice with our local stove-builder permaculture expert friend, Pál Szentgróti, who supervised the plan. Antoine could see a bit of the community’s decision process, as the spiral took place in a communal area, the community decided together about the place based on Antoine’s suggestion. He also suggested what plant should go to which part of the spiral. We brought herbs from various gardens of the community members, from Adrienn’s, Fanni’s, Daniel’s, and Cecilia’s garden, and also moved some herbs from the community’s common garden. Antoine documented the whole process, from cleaning the place to the finished spiral with all the herbs.

Antoine also planted loads of onions at the community gardens, stared with cultivating an unused area of the garden. April was the very end for planting trees in Nyim (usually we finish it before March) but this year we were a bit late. So we planted with Antoine some baby oaks to a moistures garden, where he also marked the trees with nice installations, so we can take care about them better.

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