At the beginning of May Martina and Luca joined Antoine, so the communal living experience could start at the community house, at their common home for the next few months. As Antoine had some kitchen running, and gardening experience- as he is also a volunteer of a French NGO which works with refugees in the fields, and cooks with them, he started to share his knowledge with the others. Martina was the most organized, so she worked on creating a house maintenance system, she was also enthusiastic about documentation, so she took lots of pictures. Antoine also had a nice idea about building a pizza oven, so he started to plan it, and then build it together with the others.

Together with them we, community members continued the preparations of the gardens and also started to plant the seedlings to the ground. During May we had loads of mowing, organizing cleaning, and planting, also we started to prepare our places for the 3-week group volunteering event, which started on the 1st of June. We even begun to renovate the main venue of the group event with the community members, with the lead of Gergő, so Luca and Martina for example removed the old glue from the plexi tables. They took bigger responsibilities than the group volunteers, as they already knew the place, and us also. So during May, we started to map together what activity could fit them during the intense period of June. They also had the opportunity to enjoy the garden, as the weather was super friendly, they could spend loads of time outside, under the trees.

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