Our ‘Touch the ground!’ ESC group volunteer event started at the beginning of June and ended at the 21th of June, so the mayor part of June was about this event. We hosted 15 volunteers, who slept in different gardens in tents, and some of them in yurts. When the group landed on the 1st of June, Antoine, Luca, and Martina helped a lot to accommodate them, and guide them around the village, and in our places. Antoine also offered more help in the kitchen, as headshef, so above our community members, who took the event kitchen sifts, we had also him there.

The event’s daily flow was more strict of course than their daily life, so every day we had a common breakfast, opening the day with check-in, and some theoretic knowledge sharing, then we worked a few hours in groups before lunch. After lunch, we had a long siesta, as the weather was pretty hot. After 4 pm we worked again for some hours, then we had a nice late dinner, and some late free time activities, if the volunteers organized. On the free days, they could go to Budapest or Lake Balaton, but some of them just stayed at Nyim for more rest.
With our long-term volunteers, we had some separate meetings, and we tried to involve them as much as possible to form the program together, but they gave the feedback that they could take even more. As this was the first time for us either to run this kind of intense event, we learned a lot from it, together. After this 3 weeks Luca, Martina, and Antoine took the end of June for rest (as the community members also) which we really deserved.

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