During July we took our days easier as June was super intense for us. We spent our time with harvesting blackcurrant, and making jam, cooked a lot of zucchini which we had in endless amounts in the community garden, and also learned how to use a BCS tree wheel Italian tractor - coordinated by Gergő, who made some attachments to the machine, to make it easier to use. We learned how to start the tractor, and then how to navigate on the meadow with it.

We had a nice guest, Ciska from the Netherlands, who was also an ESC volunteer some years ago in a Spanish ecovillage named Arterra Bizimodu, than she participated in a lot of Youth Exchanges all around Europe. She also took apart in one in Slovenia, because she wanted to discover the South-Eastern part of Hungary, so she joined to our group for a while and made it a bit more multicultural. Martina visited the Capa photo exhibition in Budapest.

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