Project code: 2021-2-HU01-ESC51-VTJ-000044695

 Volunteers of 2022 in Nyim

First weeks in the village

I have been here for almost two months now and we’ve been doing a lot of different things. We have done gardening in various gardens, including our own community garden. We have worked on the communal land of the community, taking care of little baby trees. I really enjoy watching the plants grow and the gardens change so much. We have also worked with renovating and organizing, and decorating, in the community house, where we are also living. We have also helped at different kinds of events, doing cooking, cleaning and organizing.  

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Hi! I’m Igor, 22 years old , from Amsterdam. I was fulltime working since I was 17 and did mostly restaurant work, and a lot of charity work. I got kind of tired of seeing the same city and being in the same routine, needed a change.

So that’s what I did, I took the chance to go to Hungary. I did not join the ESC programme straight away... I had a different path, I volunteered some time for an elderly woman who learned me some bits about permaculture... which made me really interested to learn more, I began to look for other possibilities, and found the best thing through wwwoofers in an eco-community in Nyim (where I’m currently volunteering) where they focused on the things I wanted to learn more about. Especially two things I really like: Being with and helping people, and permaculture , gardening and veggies, haha. Nyim could provide me an ESC program, so I joined, which makes it possible for me to meet more likewise people around the world, and to find even more similar possibilities.

Since I been here , I don’t feel isolation no more and I found great peace again. I have a great housemate and I can cook for fun again. I’m learning more about the things I want and I meeting many nice people .

One of the better choices I made this year!

Igor Miltenburg

Sonya Regardh

Hello, my name is Sonja, I’m currently volunteering at Nyim Eco-community. I’m 26 years old, from Finland. Before this I was living in Sweden working with kids and in a restaurant while doing my bachelor’s degree at university, where I was studying anthropology, human ecology and comics drawing.   

A lot of the things we did at university was very theoretical and it was a lot of reading, I felt like I was missing learning by doing, which is one of the reasons I applied to be a volunteer. I got many interests and things I want to learn about. I want to learn more about living in ways that is nice for all kinds of beings, so I want to learn more about ecological living, gardening and plants and community life. I also just want to get a feel what it’s like to live full time on the countryside, and get some inspiration for how I want to live. I also make art in different forms, and I want to make more art that is inspired or collaborated with nature. Otherwise I just want to be open to learn and experience whatever comes to me! 

I love being in nature and feel the best when I am outside, I love colleting herbs and edible plants from the wild. I believe that not only animals are living intelligent beings, but also plants, and maybe even rocks and places, and this is something I am interested in exploring and I want to spread this way of seeing the world so we can take care of each other better! 

My name is Fanni

Sall Fanni

Adedayo Okunade

My name is Adedayo